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Summer Caravanning Holidays in Barmouth Bay and Snowdonia

6th August 2015 Published by

barmouth-beach-kidsTimes haven’t been so great in the past five years for many families across the UK. For some, they have felt the need to sacrifice a great holiday because they didn’t have the option of going abroad. Did you know, however, that for great budget rates you can enjoy an unforgettable family summer experience right here in the UK. At Barmouth Bay, we offer wonderful caravan accommodation at phenomenal rates that will give you a lottery win of memories and experiences, while not even coming close to breaking the bank.

For example, from August 24th, you can get a Luxury Caravan (the best in our caravan range, sleeps up to 6), for the amazing rate of just £777 for 4 nights. The Luxury model comes with a larger flat-screen in the living room, and an additional one in the master bedroom, as well as a Bluetooth-ready iPod dock, great furniture, kitchen facilities and all the creature comforts you could possibly want. From August 28th you can get the Comfort Caravan model for £518 for 3 nights. It’s a simpler model than the Luxury, but certainly an enjoyable and comfortable haven from which to enjoy your family getaway.

It’s strange that there are some people who look at a caravan holiday as being something like a step down from a trip overseas, but let’s just look at some of the great advantages of caravanning:

national-snowdon-race1) It’s a safe, social environment on the park where your kids can have fun and make new friends while you enjoy constant peace of mind.

2) Fresh air and exercise are in abundance! Don’t forget you’re in majestic Snowdonia, with its hills and mountains to climb, its bike trails to explore and wondrous vistas to enjoy.

3) Barmouth Bay offers a great array of activities, which makes it easy for you and your family to design the ideal break to suit you.

4) Avoid the hassle of traveling abroad – delayed flights, expensive tourist rates on food and drink, language barriers, luggage check-ins and the rest.

5) Sometimes, the kids can grow to love and appreciate the experience they get from the simple pleasures in life, like walking in the country, riding bikes, enjoying the sea air and spending time with loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? Find your last-minute holiday in Snowdonia today!

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