20 of the best Devon coastal walks to explore

Devon is one of the nicest areas in the UK regarding stunning coastlines. It boasts picturesque scenery and significant landmarks waiting to be explored. There are so many Devon coastal walks that you could experience this region's beauty up close on your next UK holiday.


When visiting different coastal walks in Devon, you'll explore rugged cliffside trails, sandy beach walks, and many more fantastic routes along this region.

This corner of England is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, whether you're a knowledgeable hiker or simply seeking peaceful walks.

From the Exe Estuary Trail to the John Musgrave Heritage Trail, a Devon coastal walk suits every taste and ability. Here are 20 of the best Devon coastal walks for you to explore:

South West Coast Path image

South West Coast Path

Embark on a delightful 4.5-mile journey through the tranquil countryside surrounding Skellingthorpe. This circular route takes you through the charming village of Skellingthorpe, offering glimpses of quaint cottages and ancient churches before venturing into the serene Old Wood. This is a great way to indulge in some culture on your UK getaway to delve deeper into Lincolnshire life.

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Exe Estuary Trail image

Exe Estuary Trail

Aside from its lengthy 16 miles, the Exe Estuary Trail is a relatively easy and peaceful route that follows the banks of the River Exe. This Devon coastal walk uniquely blends natural beauty and historical interest. It passes through charming villages like Starcross, nature reserves, and the bustling city of Exeter. With its gentle terrain the Exe Estuary Trail is fantastic for families.

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East Devon Way image

East Devon Way

Another long option among the Devon coastal walks is East Devon Way. This 40-mile long-distance path stretches from Exmouth to Lyme Regis, giving you more than enough sightseeing to experience the region. This coastal walk takes you through some of the region's most picturesque towns and villages, including Sidmouth, Beer, and Seaton.

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Templer Way image

Templer Way

The Templer Way is an 18-mile route that offers a pleasant mix of beautiful coastal views and a deep dive into Devon's historical intrigue. The walk allows you to follow in the footsteps of the Templer family, who played a significant role in developing the Devon landscape during the 18th and 19th centuries. This walk will have you exploring the vast mystery of Devon's past.

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Exe Valley Way image

Exe Valley Way

The Exe Valley Way is a 45-mile trail that follows the River Exe from its source on Exmoor to the sea. It is one of the best Devon coastal walks to explore. While not strictly a coastal walk, this route offers plenty of opportunities to explore the stunning Devon countryside and visit charming villages and towns—great for those seeking a mix of rural and coastal scenery.

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Heddon's Mouth circular walk image

Heddon's Mouth circular walk

For a much easier 5-mile route, you can try the Heddon's Mouth circular walk that takes you along the rugged cliffs and dramatic coastal landscapes of Exmoor National Park. Along this Devon coastal walk, you'll see breathtaking views of the Bristol Channel and spot wildlife. What could be better than walking with the family and spotting birds, from peregrine falcons to seals?

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Salcombe Hill accessible walk image

Salcombe Hill accessible walk

The Salcombe Hill accessible walk is a gentle route less than 1 mile long, so it's suitable for all abilities and, more importantly, accessible for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. This Devon coastal walk offers stunning views of the Salcombe Estuary and the surrounding countryside, giving everyone the accessible holiday experience they deserve!

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John Musgrave Heritage Trail image

John Musgrave Heritage Trail

Another of the nicest coastal walks in Devon is the John Musgrave Heritage Trail, a 35-mile circular route that takes you through the picturesque seaside towns of Totnes and Cornworthy. Due to its length, this route can be cut down into four different Devon coastal walks. There will also be plenty of great places to stop for a tasty treat, such as the delicious café at Occombe Farm.

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Two Moors Way image

Two Moors Way

The Two Moors Way is a 100-mile coastal walk in Devon that spans the breadth of the county, connecting the north and south coasts. This route is naturally challenging, but it takes you through some of the country's most beautiful and remote landscapes. Combining south and north Devon coastal walks in one trail gives you the best way to see as much of the region as possible.

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Braunton Burrows image

Braunton Burrows

The brilliant 6-mile trail at Braunton Burrows offers a unique experience for north Devon coastal walks. This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve lets you explore a vast expanse of sand dunes, beaches, and coastal grasslands, where you can see a diverse and ever-changing landscape. Perfect for those seeking a peaceful and natural coastal experience.

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Coleton Fishacre circular walk image

Coleton Fishacre circular walk

The Coleton Fishacre circular walk is a 2-mile route that takes you through the beautiful Coleton Fishacre estate protected by the National Trust. This Devon coastal walk offers the chance to explore the historic Coleton Camp, a former World War II coastal defence site. You'll also see Pudcombe Cove, which has fantastic views out to the water.

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Hooken Cliffs image

Hooken Cliffs

The Hooken Cliffs walk is a 4-mile circular route that takes you along the dramatic cliffs and coastline near the picturesque village of Beer. You'll be able to see the English Channel and try to spot a variety of seabirds, including fulmars and kittiwakes. This walk has a few steep ascents and descents, so it is a more suitable option for those who want a really active day out.

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Bucks Cross to Clovelly image

Bucks Cross to Clovelly

The 10-mile one-way walk from Bucks Cross to Clovelly is one of the top Devon coastal walks. It allows you to explore different farmland and woodland areas and gain picturesque views of the coastline. This Devon coastal walk offers a variety of landscapes to keep you intrigued, as well as views of the traditional fishing cottages in Clovelly.

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Branscombe to Beer image

Branscombe to Beer

The Branscombe to Beer coastal walk is a 6-mile linear route along the stunning Jurassic Coast. It is one of the nicest South Devon coastal walks. As you meander through Devon's countryside and coastal regions, you'll be treated to different spots of interest, such as the historic Forge and Old Bakery. You can explore the beautiful Branscombe beach for a great family day out.

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Baggy Point short circular walk image

Baggy Point short circular walk

An easier 2-mile route to try on your break away is the Baggy Point short circular walk. The trail will take you along the stunning cliffs and coastline of Baggy Point, near Croyde, where you can take all the picturesque photos you want. Also, there are plenty of rock pools at Baggy Point, which are great for exploring with the kids or even your four-legged buddy.

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Prawle Point walk image

Prawle Point walk

The Prawle Point walk is a 3-mile circular route that takes you along the southernmost tip of Devon. It offers great views of the English Channel and the dramatic cliffs that stand tall over the coastline. You can see remnants of the sunken Demetrios ship, a great way to take away some fascinating history from your trip.

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Valley of Rocks to Woody Bay image

Valley of Rocks to Woody Bay

Another coastal walk in Devon to explore is the Valley of Rocks to Woody Bay walk, a 3-mile route running through some of the most dramatic and scenic landscapes in Exmoor National Park. A highlight of this walk is the opportunity to explore the unique rock formations and geological features of the Valley of Rocks. Maybe you and the kids will spot some feral goats scaling the cliffs.

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Salcombe Regis cliffs image

Salcombe Regis cliffs

The Salcombe Regis cliffs, valleys and sea views circular walk is a route that lasts around 3 miles and takes you along the stunning cliffs and coastline near the village of Salcombe Regis. Not only will you get the chance to explore the rolling hills and valleys of the surrounding countryside, but you'll also get to know some history from the ancient St Peter's Church.

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Morte Point and Bull Point image

Morte Point and Bull Point

The Devon coastal walk that circles Morte Point and Bull Point Circular is another great choice. This 6-mile route takes you along the scenic coastline, allowing you to spot a range of wildlife, such as the seals and rare birds at Bull Point. Due to some steep and rocky areas, this trail is one of the more challenging North Devon coastal walks, so be ready for action.

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Kingswear to Brownstone Battery image

Kingswear to Brownstone Battery

The Kingswear to Brownstone Battery walk is a 5-mile one-way route along the stunning River Dart estuary. This Devon coastal walk showcases beautiful views of the river and the surrounding countryside. Imagine how relaxing it will feel to briskly walk beside the river with your loved ones, spotting a variety of enchanting wildlife—from seals to Kingfishers.

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Need help preparing for your trip? Use our top tips for enjoying Devon coastal walks

No matter which of the Devon coastal walks you choose from our list, it's essential to make proper preparations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some of our top tips for making the most of your coastal adventures:

What to wear

Make sure you wear the right outfits on your Devon coastal walks. We recommend you suit up with the following:

  • Sturdy and comfortable footwear with good grip and ankle support.

  • Multiple layers to accommodate changing weather conditions in the region.

  • Waterproof and windproof outer layers to keep warm on your walks.

  • If it's a sunnier season, sun protection, such as hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen, should be provided.

What to bring

There are plenty of things that you should bring on your Devon coastal walks, including:

  • A small backpack to secure all your walking essentials like water, snacks, a map, and a fully charged phone.

  • A first-aid kit and any necessary medications, so you're prepared for everything.

  • Binoculars or a high-quality camera, so you can see all the interesting views near and far.

  • Some beach essentials if you plan on exploring the coastal regions and seaside for a lengthy time – like buckets, spades, and beach towels.

What to expect

If you're embarking on Devon coastal walks, here are some important things to expect and prepare for:

  • There will likely be changeable weather conditions, even during the summer months.

  • Some coastal walks involve steep inclines, uneven terrain, and rocky paths, so be mindful of your fitness level.

  • Check the tide times if you plan to walk along beaches or coastal areas affected by tides.

  • Be respectful of the environment and nature reserves by sticking to designated paths and not littering.

  • Be aware of potential hazards such as cliff edges, unstable ground, and strong winds.

The best coastal walking holidays in Devon

With this extensive list of the best Devon coastal walks, you're now more ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure along the breathtaking Devon coastline. With its stunning scenery, rich history, and diverse landscapes, there's something for everyone when you whisk away to this incredible location.

On top of that, there are plenty of fantastic holiday parks across this region and many others, ready to give you the luxurious and memorable break you've been dreaming of in the UK.

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