St Helens accommodation

Exciting times! Now that St Helens has moved to the Away Resorts family, you may notice the accommodation you were used to has had a little name change.

To find out the new names of the accommodation, please use the table below. To make it easy for you, you can see the new names for each accommodation alongside the old Aria Resorts names. This should help you book the grade that you usually do.

If you have already booked an upcoming break with us then don't worry, the accommodation you booked is the same, but the name will be different.

St Helens

Accommodation regrading

Aria Resorts Name NEW Away Resorts Name
Premium Caravan 2 Luxury Caravan sleeps 4
Premium Caravan 3 Luxury Caravan 3 Bedroom sleeps 6
Premium Lodge 2 Luxury Caravan sleeps 4
Premium Lodge 3 Luxury Lodge 3 Bedroom sleeps 6
Superior Caravan 2 Superior Caravan sleeps 4
Superior Caravan 3 Superior Caravan 3 Bedroom sleeps 6
Superior Lodge 2 Superior Lodge sleeps 4
Superior Lodge 3 Superior Lodge 3 Bed sleeps 6
Premium Plus Caravan 2 Luxury Caravan sleeps 4
Premium Plus Lodge 2 Lodge with Roof Terrace sleeps 4 Exclusive
Premium Plus Lodge 3 Lodge 3 Bedroom with Roof Terrace sleeps 6 Exclusive

Sleeping arrangements:

Sleeps 4 = 2 bedrooms*

Sleeps 6 = 3 bedrooms*

*Unless stated otherwise. Please note caravan configurations vary including sofa bed in the lounge options. These can be seen on the website as you make your park and date search.

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