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2015 Fishing Holidays at Tattershall Lakes

6th May 2015 Published by

square-girlfishFishing – an occupation and hobby that dates back to antiquity. No matter how far technology has come, the fundamental joy of fishing has remained at the centre of the hearts of many for countless centuries. At Tattershall Lakes, we have wonderful fishing lake facilities that will ensure that the anglers among you will never be bored during your stay with us. Beyond that, however, there are at least five other strong reasons for you to consider making your next holiday all about fishing.

1) It’s great for stress relief
We live in a fast-paced, noisy and high-pressure world these days. We are all constantly faced with deadlines, meetings, phone calls and targets at work, followed by the everyday stresses of keeping a family happy and together at home. Fishing is a great way to gain absolute freedom; extraordinary release from our highly stressful everyday environment that allows us to rebuild our energy reserves and begin to feel human again.

2) Social bonding
Whether you’re fishing with your children, or with your good friends, it’s a great opportunity to spend time getting to know each other, understanding each other and appreciating each other more. It’s amazing what you can find out about your friends and family when you’re all spending time together doing something fun.

3) Health benefits
While it’s not the most physical of outdoor pursuits, fishing is a good way of getting yourself outside, in the fresh air, and learning that spending time away from the television and games console is a much healthier and more worthwhile use of time.

4) Recreational value
It certainly beats a day at the office, doesn’t it? We need fun in our lives in order to maintain a good balance. For those who’ve never tried fishing before, it’s good to give it a go and see if it can broaden your recreational spectrum.

fishing owner#5) Self-fulfillment
Bettering ourselves should be something that we all pursue with rigor. Fishing teaches us useful outdoor skills that we can use well into our old age. It also teaches us respect for the environment, and can be an interesting conduit for which to channel our personal and social development.

So, what more do you need to hear? Browse our website to find out the amazing fishing accommodation deals we have on offer at Tattershall Lakes in 2015. Don’t forget that besides fishing, we also offer wakeboarding, jet skiing, water skiing, swimming pool, spa and so much more. There’s really something for everyone, so don’t miss out. Book your next break with us now.

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