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Things to do around Lincolnshire

31st October 2014 Published by

Tattershaw Lakes-Tattershaw Unedited jpegs-0049Tattershall Lakes, nestled in the heartland of the Lincolnshire countryside, is a well-known spot for fantastic watersports like wakeboarding, waterskiing, fishing and much more. But with November arriving and winter steadily descending on us, you might wonder why you’d even want to do consider going to a place to do those things. Well, the truth is that Tattershall Lakes remains a wonderful, peaceful and attractive base from which to enjoy the delights of Lincolnshire.

Get great value accommodation with us, and then head out to explore the county – there’s always so much to do! Your first port of call may well be the historic city of Lincoln, one of the oldest, most celebrated cities in all of the UK. Its majestic cathedral and imposing castle are the centerpieces of a magnificent historic and cultural heritage in the city. At the same time, you can enjoy good shopping and delicious local cuisine like the flavoursome Lincolnshire sausage!

Lincoln is famous for more than just its historic towns and cities. You need only drive outside of the city center and into its rural areas to discover more interesting heritage. In the past, for example, Lincolnshire was home to a great many windmills. While many of these windmills are no more, there are still some that you can see for yourselves, including Ellis Windmill on Mill Road in Lincoln, and the eight-sailed Heckington Windmill. These important centers of history make a lovely day out for the family, and are a great way to enjoy the greener areas of the county.

Moving back to modern times, there is also an interesting event on November 5th that will interest all photographers, the Lincoln Photo and Optics Show, running from 1:00pm to 7:00pm in the Drill Hall, Lincoln. This is a time where we love to capture our lives on camera, but the technology develops so fast. This show will feature the latest developments from camera giants like Canon, as well as local experts and exhibited work from photography groups in Lincolnshire.

More than specific events, festivals and attractions, the beautiful county of Lincolnshire is an attraction in itself. Spend some time visiting its forests, its coastline and its many picturesque towns and villages. Centrally located in the rural heartlands, Tattershall Lakes really is the perfect place from which to start your incredibly journey.

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