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A Look Back on the Punch and Judy Festival

9th June 2016 Published by

Punch and Judy shows are a staple part of British seaside culture. For the tenth year in a row, the Punch and Judy Festival will take place in various sites across Lincoln. If you’re staying in Tattershall Lakes on the 29th or 30th July, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Throughout the three day festival there will be over 60 performances from eight different puppeteers. The non-stop show will also feature giant dancing puppets and workshops where bystanders can make their own Mr Punch and learn a few tricks of the trade.

The last Punch and Judy Festival in Lincoln hosted Punch and Judy performers from Italy and Portugal – where Mr Punch is better known as Pulcinella and Dom Roberto. Seasoned puppet masters from Hungary and Belgium also travelled across the channel to take part in special one-off impromptu events.


The Vibe

Punch and Judy puppet shows are surprisingly violet, often featuring short, outrageous comedy sequences that revolve around Mr Punch’s unnecessary anger towards others. Throughout the ages Mr Punch has had various weapons of choice, most notably the drum and pan pipes. As the audience is encouraged to get involved with the show and actively warn Judy and the other characters of danger, it can make for a great family outing. If you’re not one for audience participation, best watch from the side lines!

Aside from the world-class puppet masters, there will be stalls and workshops in and around the high street and puppet stands. Some of the local pubs even have special Punch and Judy-themed menus – and it’s not uncommon for puppeteers to do a few off-the-cuff performances after a couple drinks!


The Characters

The beauty of Punch and Judy is that every show is different. Each puppeteer will add their own take on the classic story lines – some even invent their own. While the principle characters must appear, there are a large array of secondary characters that may be added or removed at will, such as the Hungry Crocodile, Joey the Clown, the Devil, the Ghost and the Blind Man.


Locations and Prices

All of the Punch and Judy performances are completely free of charge and will take place outdoors in three separate locations: the beach by the City Square, High Bridge and the Lincoln Castle. While the shows inside the castle are free, there may be an admission charge for the castle grounds on the Sunday. However, there will also be performances occurring in the surrounding streets at the same time.

The Lincoln Punch and Judy Festival truly is a one-of-a-kind event. Unfortunately, in today’s world of smart phones, video games and constant connectivity, traditional entertainment doesn’t always receive the recognition it deserves. Punch and Judy is a staple part of British culture that should be cherished and adored. So get on down, show your support for this marvellous event, and remind yourself just how much fun a good old puppet show can be.

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