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A Wartime Experience!

23rd July 2014 Published by

lanc-oneFor those who are familiar with Lancaster Bomber warplanes will be pleased to know that this Summer there will be a very special guest visiting the BBMF (Battle of Britain Memorial Flight) Visiting Centre in Coningsby, Lincolnshire all the way from Canada. It will be the coming together of the only two remaining flying Avro Lancaster Bombers in the world in Lincolnshire for everyone to get up close and personal with.

Watch a part of history come alive in a phenomenal guided tour and stunning air show display. This is a very exciting opportunity for the whole family to enjoy on a day out. Both educational and adventurous you will find yourself enticed into the extensive history of the alluring planes.

Originally built in the WWII era the plane was completed in 1945, two months after VE Day in Europe which meant it didn’t get the opportunity to be in the war. In 1950 the plane converted into a Maritime Patrol Aircraft where after only 10 hours of flight time it had a crash landing by an amateur pilot. However it was given a new heart from a retired Lancaster with a wartime history of bombing raids over Europe and was back on its feet in 1953 we’re it served a fantastic 10 years as Maritime Patrol in Nova Scotia, Canada.

lanc-twoThe dates to mark in your calendar to make sure you catch at least a glimpse of the aircrafts will be 9/10/11/12/13/25 August, 1/2/8/9/15/16/17/18/19 September. This is far from a boring day out with tickets only £8 for kids and £10 for adult’s visitors will be treated to a one of a kind unique experience. You will be show casted to a living tribute to all the RAF and ground crew who gave their lives to the Second World War whilst being shown round by knowledgeable guides who have had a first-hand experience on the aircraft.

For more information on this fantastic event and to book your tickets please click here.

Prisoners Tale poster (2)

A Prisoner’s Tale

Just around the corner from Tattershall Lakes you will find the Petwood Hotel who will be hosting an incredible talk with Air Commodores David Waddington and Charles Clarke on Wednesday 8th October. They will be both be hosting a talk on their extraordinary and captivating journey through out their career on how and why they were imprisoned. A dark but alluring event that takes you deep in to the times of the First Gulf War and the Long March – you will find yourself reliving them historical moments. Please click poster to enlarge.


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