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Glamping and Vintage Camping on the Isle of Wight

6th May 2015 Published by

stamps-4-tl-canvasvillageFor a lot of people, the idea of camping doesn’t sound the most fun thing in the world. You have to be outdoors all the time, you have to go through the rigmarole of putting up the tent — not everyone’s idea of a fun family holiday. But if this applies to you, then perhaps you should be considering camping that’s a bit more glamorous – Glamping, the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors without having to give up those creature comforts that many of us feel we just can’t do without.

There are several reasons you should consider making your next stay with us at Whitecliff Bay a Glamping one:

1) It is great value:

Despite its name, glamorous camping remains a cheaper alternative to staying in hotels, or renting a luxury lodge or villa. You get to enjoy all the frills that come with the glamorous side of it, but avoid the extravagant expense.

2) A new experience:

Many of us will have been camping at some point in our lives, whether it was in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, or in the comfort of a Whitecliff Bay pitch. Glamping, however, offers a brand new perspective on this age-old holiday style.

3) Fun for everyone:

Because Glamping accommodation is more comfortable and luxurious than regular tent camping, it makes the experience more accessible and enjoyable to all in the family, young or old. Whether you’re on a spring break with the whole family, or traveling in a group of friends with a rainbow of different personalities, glamorous camping brings fun for all.

Browse through our accommodation options and deals to see what you can get this spring for a Glamping break at Whitecliff Bay. We have the Vintage Caravan, bringing glamour and old English country style into one place. Alternatively, you could choose something a little more upscale, like a Canvas Cottage or a Bell Tent – it’s your holiday, it’s up to you! Don’t miss out on the best possible deals, book your next Glamping break on the Isle of Wight with us now.

Here’s a little taster video of an inside look in one of our stunning Canvas Cottages!

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