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Sites of Historical Interest on the Isle of Wight

16th June 2014 Published by

A small island in the English Channel it may be, but the Isle of Wight has constantly remained at the very centre of British history. Many of the most riveting chapters of our history have been written on the island, the proof of which is embodied in the many sites of historical interest you can enjoy on the Isle of Wight. If you’re staying with us at Whitecliff Bay, and are something of a history buff, then below are some places you mustn’t miss when you are with us.

rec-carisbrooke-220x220Arguably the most imposing feature on the historical landscape of the island is Carisbrooke Castle in Newport. Its walls echo more than 800 years of history, which have included resisting a French siege, being an important base in the fending off of the Spanish Armada, and also being the place where King Charles I was imprisoned after being captured following the English Civil War. The castle has many interesting tours, and kids can even dress up in Civil War attire and take part in engaging interactive tours that bring history alive. While the kids are off locking swords and shields, parents can enjoy the pleasant environment of the Princess Beatrice Gardens.

Going further back into our island story, the Isle of Wight is also home to a number of very interesting ancient burial grounds dating back to the Stone and Bronze Ages. For example, overlooking Freshwater Bay, one can see an earthen long barrow (burial mound), which was left to us by the Stone Age peoples who inhabited the area in that period. Bronze Age islands also crowned their hilltops with bold, round burial mounds that are now known as tumuli. These sites make for a fascinating historical day out that also allows you to enjoy more of the island’s stunning outdoors and scenic splendour.

Osborne-iow-3Ja10-10901Finally, the Isle of Wight was also the preferred summer location for none other than Queen Victoria and Prince Albert themselves – Osborne House. This attractive house, its gardens and private beach are now open to public viewing. Visitors to the house can also learn a lot about how such influential greats as Dickens, Keats, Lewis Carroll and Tennyson were inspired by the island’s beauty to write some of their most moving and beautiful literature.

When you’re staying with us at Whitecliff Bay, you’re surrounded by some of the great building blocks of British history. It’s enough to fill one with a sense of awe. Book your holiday with Whitecliff Bay this summer and come and enjoy the historical treasures of the Isle of Wight for yourself.

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